Morel Launches First Universal 8-inch Component Systemin the Integration Series

Morel, the renowned maker of ultra-premium speaker systems for homes and cars, proudly announces the launch of our first Integration Series Speaker Kit. Designed as a part of the Performance Level offerings, this eight-inch component speaker upgrade is ideal for vehicles with eight or 10-inch speakers in the doors. The IP-UNI82 system offers impressive efficiency, shallow mounting requirements and sound quality worthy of the Morel name.

Premium Factory Speaker Upgrade
The new IP-UNI82 kit includes a pair of 8-inch (200mm) woofers, a pair of 1-inch (25mm) tweeters and a set of separate high- and low-pass crossover modules. The woofers are constructed using a rigid, well-damped cast-aluminum chassis to ensure a premium listening experience. Unique to this market, the shallow basket design requires only 2 inches (50mm) of mounting depth. This design was made possible using an innovative inverted front-mount double-neodymium motor assembly. In addition, the woofers feature our Damped Polymer Cone (DPC) material to deliver uncolored midrange clarity and tight bass response, and synthetic rubber surrounds provide extended longevity for decades of trouble-free operation.

The 1-inch (25mm) tweeters in the IP-UNI82 system have a very low resonant frequency, allowing them to play low enough to mitigate directivity issues commonly associated with component sets featuring large-diameter woofers. Likewise, integrated mechanical diffusers on the tweeters help ensure the highest frequencies are dispersed evenly through the vehicle cabin to optimize performance from high-resolution audio components. The kit includes flush-mount and angled surface-mount pods with mesh grille inserts for a clean and classy installation.
Our engineers developed separate dedicated crossovers for the tweeters and woofers rather than a single-chassis design to enhance installation flexibility. The woofer crossover ensures a smooth transition to the tweeter and helps prevent uneven sound distribution across the vehicle. The speaker system is also compatible with DSP-based amplification systems, allowing for a lower crossover point and “time alignment” between the woofers and tweeters.

The IP-UNI82 speaker system was designed to be efficient so that it can be used with factory-installed radios and amplifiers. But for an optimized experience, these speakers have exceptional power handling, allowing them to be paired with aftermarket amplifiers like the Morel MPS 4.400 or the MPS 5.950.
Whether you are upgrading a Corvette or adapting them to fit the 6×9 opening in a truck or SUV, the new IP-UNI82 is an excellent choice. Whatever the application, the IP-UNI82 speaker set will deliver deep bass response, natural midrange clarity and superb high-frequency performance that has made Morel a world leader in premium speaker upgrades.
The new Integration Series IP-UNI82 component set is shipping now.