Filippo Kania’s masterpiece. (chief developer Mosconi)

The MOSCONI PRO 4|30 is a high-end 4-channel amplifier with a new Advanced AA/B amplifier technology. With this revolutionary AA/B circuit, the PRO 4|30 runs up to 30 Watts RMS in pure Class A mode and spoils the listener with everything that makes a Class A amplifier: airy, fine, rich in detail with an incredible amount of space.

With the combination of an extremely open, finely drawn sound image and its unique naturalness, the PRO 4|30 inspires music from the very first beat.

When performance and headroom are required, it packs a punch with 170 Watts RMS (at 4 Ohm) per channel (450 W bridged).

Mosconi Pro 4/30 (