Musway MG Subwoofers – The Elegant Way To Deep Bass

If you ask for first class woofers, Musway has the answer: With their robust grille and the newly constructed solid die-cast aluminum baskets with large ventilation windows and their double magnets the new Musway MG subwoofers impress at first glance.

The technical details are also impressive: all woofers are characterized by a particularly long and even membrane stroke. With the MG12 it is up to +/- 22 mm, i.e. a total stroke of an impressive 44 mm is possible! This enormous deflection is controlled by specially shaped dual spiders made of polycotton, the properties of which have been continuously optimized by the MUSWAY sound engineers in laboratory and sound tests. The moving mass (Mms) could also be kept low by using copper-clad aluminum voice coils (CCAW). All of the measures result in very favorable Thiele/Small parameters, so that the subwoofers are also very suitable for closed housings. What stands out here is the MG10, which, with a speaker volume of 25 liters, plays deep and cleanly into the bass cellar up to 43 Hz (-3 dB). Anyone who attaches great importance to high impulse fidelity and cleanliness should choose this version.

If you like it fuller at the bottom, you should opt for bass reflex constructions. Due to their design, these can produce even more deep bass by utilizing the air in the housing with a specially tuned reflex channel. Here all three woofers unfold their potential and are easily able to play down to below 30 Hz.