New Classification for the season 2024

The decision is taken. The new Categories and Classes for all Global EMMA competitions are finalized. There have been no major changes except in MM where there will be only one class and SQ Master where there is coming a new class with OEM price limitation of 4000 Euro and the limit of Master 5000 was raised to now Master 8000 Euro. Same also for ESPL Wall from 5000 to 8000 Euro. With these modifications EMMA is opening more space for competitors to decide their Equipment without being forced to join the unlimited categories. The new Rulebook is going to be ready in February. The new music files will be launched in Salzburg in April.

See the overview of Categories and Classes for 2024 and 2025 here:

EMMA Categories and Classes 2024

Sound Quality

Super Entry only 1 time participation possible

Entry 3000€
Entry Unlimited
S-Category OEM
S-Category 4000€
S-Category Unlimited
M-Category OEM
M-Category OEM 4000€
M-Category 8000€
M-Category Limited
M-Category Unlimited
X-Category Limited
X-Category Unlimited


Multimedia one class


Tuning Stock+
Tuning Custom Trunk
Tuning Custom unlimited


ESQL Limited
ESQL Unlimited


ESPL Trunk 3000€
ESPL Trunk Limited
ESPL B/R 4000€
ESPL B/R Limited
ESPL Wall 8000€
ESPL Wall Limited
ESPL Expert