New! DD Audio DSI-3 DSP

The new DSI-3 audio signal processor vastly improves upon the previous DSI-2 with multiple upgrades
based on direct customer feedback. Improvements were made to the prosessing power, input channels,
output channels, wireless connectivity, setup features, OEM integration, and EQ capability.
Even though the feature upgrades were big the size was kept small
with only a 1.5″ increase to the chassis length.

Remote controllable with optional DSI-3RMT.

DSI-3 vs DSI-2 features:
– 6 x Faster processor
– Optical input
– Signal clip indicator
– 6 x Input ( 3.2-5V ) with signal summing
– 12 x RCA-Output ( 5V )
– 31 Band graphic or parametric
– Built-in Bluetooth 5.0

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