Really cool event in Leipzig/Germany

One more time the Horsch und Guck Team invited the car audio competition community to the Nova Eventis Shopping Mall for their summer event to experience an almost perfect day. Fantastic weather conditions with 23° Celsius and cloudy sky were just great for all the judges- only interrupted by an impressive rain-shower in the afternoon. Luckily, the evaluations were almost done so no big delay was the consequence as the sun came back when the ceremony started at 18°°. Fifty-three competitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, and Ukraine came to see in which league their sound system plays with the new music material. Also new was the fact that AYA as a second organization was holding their event in parallel, so all competitors had the chance to receive two complete judgements. At the end we can resume that the Leipzig event starts to become a tradition in the annual calendar and the hosts did a great job in organizing this event. In the evening the judge teams came together for a nice barbecue with pulled pork and beer. Let us continue this way and see you soon.

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