SONY XM-8ES and XM-6ES Power Amplifiers

Sony Europe launches the newest additions to its Mobile ES™ lineup, the power amplifiersXM-8ES and XM-6ES. In line with previous Mobile ES™ products, the new models feature high-resolution audio with pure detail that brings studio-quality sound right to your car. ​

XM-8ES and XM-6ES Power Amplifiers’ Feature Highlights: ​

  • High-Resolution Audio Compatible: Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound. A range of premium circuit components work together for pitch-perfect sound reproduction, giving every road trip soundtrack it deserves. ​
  • Powerful Sound with Astonishing Clarity: Enjoy dynamic sound from the highly efficient class-D amplifiers, boosting your in-car music, providing a variety of speaker configurations of your choice: XM-8ES (100W x 8); XM-6ES (100W x 6), both at 1 kHz and 1 % THD. ​
  • Minimal Interference Design: Sony’s expertise and long years of engineering experience with digital amplifiers has made it possible to realise a compact and powerful amplifier, with uncompromising sound quality. ​
  • Optimized Power Blocks: The power supply block is optimally designed for low-noise, highly efficient electric power transmission, where the DC converter with a toroidal core transformer is chosen for less electro-magnetic interference. To reproduce delicate ultra-high-frequency sound, each channel block and the class-D amplification are all isolated with their own ground circuitry, minimising any signal interference. ​
  • Select Components for Superior Sound: The upgraded inductors with OFC wires are selected for lower internal resistance and improved sound character, while the low impedance electrolytic capacitors contribute to clear and precise sound reproduction. ​
  • High-Quality Speaker/Power Terminal: The speaker and power terminal features hex screws, providing a durable method of tightening the wire connections while accepting bare wire or wire ferrules for superior electrical performance and high-quality sound, and safe connection. ​
  • Sturdily Built Structures: The rigid, 1.2 mm, cross-braced bottom plate reduces resonance by approximately 50 % and shifts resonance peaks away from the harsh vehicle vibration frequency bands, upgrading damping performance dramatically. ​
  • Enhanced Logical Control and Connection Placement: Controls and connections are logically placed for easy understanding and use. The carefully considered layout ensures both intuitive operation and simple installation. ​
  • Clear Labels and Values: The redesigned control panel is logically grouped, and clearly labelled for hassle-free setup. ​

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