The new MOSCONI PRO 2I30

The MOSCONI PRO 2|30 is the first choice when it comes to maximum performance.

With the latest MOSCONI Class D technology, the PRO 2|30 is capable of driving all types of loudspeaker or subwoofer chassis.

Thanks to its generous amplifier design and the use of the latest Class D technology, the MOSCONI 2|30 is not only the perfect playing partner for sound level applications, high end users will also appreciate the absolute and perfect music reproduction. 

Technical features:

– 2 channel amplifier in Class D technology
– 2 x 550 watts @ 4 Ohm | 1 x 1650 watts BTL
– 2 x 825 watts an 2 Ohm | 1 x 2500 watts BTL
– High Level / Low Level Input
– DDSP (Direct DSP) Input
– LP Filter: 43-300 Hz | HP Filter: 18-220 Hz

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