The Touran Project 2015

basislayout   touran15-1Elegant, appealing, fully suitable for everyday use and, at the same time unbeatable in terms of perfect infotainment:

EMMA turned once more a VW Touran into a functional business-/family-vehicle into a comprehensive communication-, navigation- and entertainment-centre carrying along latest infotainment technology. Again, the intention has been to integrate modern Car Media Technology while keeping full usability of vehicle. All installed components were explicitly produced for this target.

touran15-3The Match Speaker system has the perfect configuration to fit into the doors where it replaces the OEM system – invisible but audible. The tweeter was placed next to the original installation opening on the dashboard and fixed in a better acoustical angle. A MATCH PP 7 SD spare wheel bassreflex subwoofer system is delivering powerful low frequencies. The complete speaker system is driven by a Match PP 82DSP which was mounted under the passenger seat. Thanks to its vast performance capabilities on an ultra-small footprint this 8-channel Plug & Play amplifier with integrated DSP, USB interface and 2 RCA outputs and Audiotec Fischer’s unique Class HD Technology is heralding a new era. The combination of state-of-the-art digital amplifier technology and a dynamically controlled switched power supply reduces heat generation and power consumption to an absolute minimum. But that’s not all – an impressive eight separate and freely configurable amplifier channels roaring with power enable even sophisticated system configurations with a single amplifier.

touran15-2The optical and technical highlight of the Touran’s infotainment system is the Pioneer head unit AVIC F77. With it´s multi- functional Display and adaption to the steering wheel remote control it is perfectly integrated into the dashboard.

ACV has provided a new DAB Splitter to use the original Antenna of the VW Touran to get DAB+ Signal into the Pioneer F 77 and last but not least an INBAY Cup holder was itouran15-4nstalled for wireless charging of the smartphone. Within one day the Touran changed from an average car to a high end vehicle with various additional functions.

The value of the complete components is around 2500 Euro, and the working time was about 16 hours – realized by X1Media in Weiden/Germany. Finally the Touran is prepared for thousands of convenient, perfectly entertained kilometers on European roads.