VENOM new VPR 4.12.2DSP

The role of processors is very important for car audio fans and modified car fans to help improve the sound quality on the car audio system as set the sound balance, stabilize sound signals, and eliminating noise can even process digital sound signals into a more quality analog sound. The selection of the right car audio processors is very important in improving the sound quality of the car audio system. Venom introduced their latest generation DSP, VPR 4.12HD which has 12 CHANEL DSP and Built in Power 8 Chanel (80 watt each) and there are 4 channel out for the addition of an external power (250 watt). With the number of channels to 12, so it can upgrade the audio configuration with the All CATE OPAMIMATION concept where all the car seat positions can feel the same audio nuances. Find the benefits of VPR 4.12HD as part of your car audio system. For more information, have a look Venom (