Venom Pandora VPR 3 HD

The Venom Pandora VPR 3 HD is a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) designed for car audio enthusiasts seeking superior sound quality and advanced features. Here are some key specifications and features of the VPR 3 HD:

              1.           Power and Channels: It offers 12 channels, ensuring a comprehensive audio experience for your car setup. The power output includes RMS ratings of 4x60W plus 2x100W, which supports robust audio delivery.

              2.           Audio Quality: With a damping factor of over 100, a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 90 dB, and total harmonic distortion (THD) of just 0.05%, the VPR 3 HD ensures clear and precise audio reproduction. It also features a channel separation greater than 60 dB, which enhances the distinction between different audio channels.

              3.           DSP Processor and Conversion: The processor uses a Cirrus Logic single-core 32-bit chip with an 8-channel, 192 kHz configuration. Additionally, it incorporates AKM 32-bit/192kHz ADC/DAC for high-quality digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion, essential for maintaining audio fidelity.

              4.           Inputs and Connectivity: The VPR 3 HD supports a range of inputs including high-level inputs via cable set, low-level inputs, Bluetooth 5.0 APTX HD for wireless audio streaming, and optical input for high-definition audio signals up to 96 kHz stereo. This makes it highly versatile for various audio sources.

              5.           Build and Design: It is compact, with dimensions of 158 x 45 x 180 mm, making it suitable for installation in various car models without taking up excessive space. It also includes features like an auto turn-on function that can be switched on, adding convenience and ensuring seamless integration with other audio components.

              6.           Power Supply: The power requirements range from 11 to 15 VDC, with an idling current of 0.4 A and remote IN/OUT voltage specifications that facilitate efficient power management.

The VPR 3 HD stands out in the market for its combination of high-quality audio processing, versatile input options, and compact design.