VENOM Pandora

VENOM launches the new VPR 4.6 MK III HD DSP with a bunch of new features and updates to its previous version, VPR 4.6 MK III HD. is using an AD (Analog Device) component chip, which provides amazing sound details on a High End level. The build in 6ch amp feature with 8ch dsp output, deilvers 80 watts each on channels 5 and 6.

Music transferring can be operated by Bluetooth HD feature in your favorite Android or iOS mobile phone. With technology which is developed at Venom Lab, play your favorite songs through mobile phone without reducing its sound quality is possible. This advance technology makes VPR 4.6 MKIII HD become excellent among others sound system.

Channel : 6
Circuit : Class D Digital
RMS Power : 4x60W + 2x100W
Frequency Range -3dB : 5 Hz – 20 KHz
Damping Factor : >100
Signal To Noise Ratio : >90dB
Channel Separation : >60dB
THD&N : 0.05%
Input Impedance : >47 kOhms
DSP Processor : Analog Device ADS21488
ADC/DAC : AKM 32Bit/192kHz
High Level Input Via Cable-Set : FL/FR/RL/RR
Low Level In : 0.4V (4 Channel)
High Level In : 8V ( 4 Channel)
BT Input : 5.0 APTXHD
Optical Input : 96 Stereo
Auto Turn On Function : Swithable, Ehile Using, a+12 Turn On Signal For Additional Device Is Provided To The REM Cable
Fuse Rating : 1 x 35A
Dimension : 122 x 41 x 200 mm

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