VW Touran EMMA Training Car OEM

Project EMMA Touran 2017

Modern infotainment, that leaves nothing to be desired – perfectly integrated into a family car: the VW Touran not only offers space for all generations and a broad array of convenience supplies. It is also predestined to make room for a high-quality audio / multi-media system without visible changes of its interior or look.

The EMMA Touran demo vehicle project proves that the versatile this VW model can actually receive top class hi-fi and infotainemt upgrades without any notable adjustments to the interior. Only the Pioneer navigation radio and the the Mosconi processor’s remote sound control is visible – everything else remains original.

Once the new infotainment equipment is put into operation, audio connoisseurscan can experience superb high-end sound with perfect stage presentation, which also allows music enjoyment at high levels. The new, hidden integrated technologies offer the user musical pleasures plus an extraordinary variety of media services and additional features such as Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

A special feature of the Touran installation is the complete retrofit capability of the entire system in the trunk, since only the original cover has been modified during installation. The Gladen Pro 10 subwoofer was integrated into the spare wheel recess, the Mosconi 5-channel amplifier Pro 5I30 and the MOSCONI 8to12 Aerospace processor are located under the cover on a second floor plate next to the subwoofer enclosure. The brand new 5-channel power amplifier offers a specially developed power supply, which ensures the music reproduction even during the vehicle‘s start / stop function.

The front speakers were replaced by the Gladen Pro 165I2 system. The doors were professionally insulated in order to guarantee a better and interference-free music reproduction. The implementation of the Pioneer NAVGATE EVO multi-media device was easy going. The device offers maximum infotainemnt comfort including Navigation, two USB inputs, DVD video, audio streaming, hands free telephone calls and DAB + radio, which will be received through an ACV antenna switch from the original integrated windscreen antenna. Also from ACV comes the brilliant Inbay charging module which provides wireless smartphone charging, as soon as the phone is droped on the charging station.

There are some special features in terms of audio playback: The MOSCONI 8to12 Aerospace offers the possibility to transfer high-definition music pieces directly via the streaming module– MOS-BTS & MOS-AMAS2. The innovative – MOS-BTS & MOS-AMAS2 CAN bus module, which provides direct volume control via steering wheel remote control  and the Head Unit. This means that music can be imported directly from every Bluetooth-enabled device and adjustments can be controlled conveniently and securely. The Touran shows impressively what modern media technology is capable to increase driving pleasure considerably.

Car Media Specialist Soundkeller in Bayreuth, in cooperation with EMMA, has implemented this OEM competition vehicle that will set new standards and will be used above all for the training of international sound juries at EMMA. The invisible integration of the components ensures musical and functional surprise in an every-day vehicle

The components: 

    • PIONEER Navgate Evo unit with navigation, hands free telephone calls, digital radio, app radio, DVD, interfaces, music streaming and more
    • GLADEN PRO 165|2 Frontsystem und GLADEN PRO 10 Subwoofer
    • MOSCONI PRO 5|30 – 5 Channel Amplifier
    • MOSCONI 8to12 Aerospace Sound Prozessor
    • ACV Inductive smartphone charging

 Installation time 3 days, total cost of components approx. 4500 Euro

>> System Scheme Touran as pdf

>> Installation Video