Morel’s Ultimo PowerSlim PS12D Subwoofer wins EISA BEST SUBWOOFER OF THE YEAR

Morel, a leading brand name in highperformance home and car audio solutions, is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking Ultimo PowerSlim PS12D subwoofer has been awarded the coveted title of the “2023/2024 EISA Best Subwoofer of the Year.” This prestigious recognition reaffirms Morel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering unparalleled sonic experiences.

Available in 10” and 12” sizes, the Ultimo PowerSlim subwoofers showcase Morel’s unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Engineered with precision, these cutting-edge subwoofers are designed to elevate the audio experience to new heights, especially in confined spaces where conventional subwoofers might struggle. Boasting a remarkably shallow mounting profile of 3.1-inches for the PS10D, and 3.5-inches for the PS12D, the Ultimo PowerSlim subwoofers prove that size is no longer a limitation when it comes to exceptional bass reproduction.

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